Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Buzz of a Classroom

I really do love my class this year.  I have so many entertaining stories to share and we've grown so much as a team.  The one thing that has really struck me recently is the way they truly care and respect each other.  Today during Math, we were working on a project.  They were in groups of four to five.  As I was circulating, trying to prompt student thinking, I noticed how many of them were encouraging one another and helping each other out.  It was incredible to witness.  I literally just stopped and looked around to take it all in.  I had one group who was really trying to help one student who was not understanding how to put some fractions on the number line.  I had another group praising a student (who has a hard time participating) for a good idea to put on the poster by giving him a high five.  Another group was working together by using talking chips to make sure that everyone had a voice in the project.  The last group was asking each other questions to justify their thinking.   It was an awesome thing to witness and I had to just stop to enjoy the learning that was taking place. 


  1. Sounds like another fun day! I love being in and out of rooms at our school--it's pretty amazing.