Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Niece & Nephew

I have a nephew named Gavin who is 9 years old.  He is a great kid.  He looks identical to my brother.  It's absolutely crazy!  He walks like him, talks like him, even has the same mannerisms.  He's a lot of fun to be around.  I just wish I could be with him more often.  He lives in the Valparaiso area.  We will be celebrating his birthday this weekend.  I'm excited to see him and see what he has been up to.  The one thing that is becoming pretty obvious is the fact that he is so well-rounded.  He loves so many different things.  He loves to read, loves math, loves to play all sorts of sports, is skateboarder, and that boy loves candy!!!  His favorite game to play right now is what he calls, 'Favorite'.  Who's is your favorite movie star...favorite basketball team...favorite song...I love playing that game with him!!  I not only learn so much about him, but it really makes me think about my favorite things.  It's a lot of fun.

I also have niece named Zoe who is five years old.  She is the daughter of a different brother.  She is a HOOT!!  She cracks me up all the time.  She is really into Scooby Doo, lizards and frogs.  She is such a tomboy, but loves her princess things too.  Her favorite phrase is, "Awkward!".  Oh my!!  It gets me everytime.  I get to see her more often because she lives only about 30 minutes.  She'll be starting kindergarten next year.  My family says she acts the same way I did when I was 5 years old.  If that's the case, then her kindergarten teacher better have good summer because she'll definitely be a handful!!

All in all, my nephew and niece are the brightspots of my life and I love being an aunt.  It's a fun job to make them feel special and to let them know that I'll be there for them no matter what. 


  1. I have a niece who is almost 3 months old now. I'm so excited to have her in my life! I'll savor these moments when she is little but will look forward to sharing stories like yours in the future. ;)

  2. I bet you are an awesome, rockin' aunt--the fun one, right? :)