Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just Be

Being a newlywed is a lot of fun.
I didn't slice yesterday because we decided to go to bed and read.
It was 7:00.
I loved just laying there and reading a book with Hubster by my side.
We read, we talked, we laughed, we fell asleep.
It was wonderful.
This week has been the cherry on top of the crazy sundae.
Hubster seems to always know exactly what I need.
I needed to chill, read, and just be...
No planning,
No thinking,
No slicing,
No evaluating,
No grading
Just be...
And read with Hubster by my side.
Yep, being a newlywed is a lot of fun. 


  1. It's so important to just let go and be with your hubs. Glad you enjoyed a night off from all the regular stuff that ties us down.

  2. No wonder you seemed so relaxed today! Maybe I should try getting into bed at 7 with a book and you think the kids would leave us alone?