Sunday, March 18, 2012

Weekend by the Numbers

The PERFECT Weekend

25 pages scrapbooked
4 walks
4 excellent meals
28 hours of sleep
1 good book
2 calls to Hubster
3 hours of traveling
11 songs sang aloud with Bestie
1 massage
2 trips to Rite-Aid
27 ladybugs
8 flights of stairs
2 trips to scrapbooking stores
2 tickets to the first round of basketball at Notre Dame
2 outfit changes during the game
1 victory for Notre Dame girls basketball
1 giant hug and kiss from Hubster when I got home
Countless laughs


  1. I love this! I did a by the numbers scrapbook for our daughter when she graduated from college - fun format.

  2. It looks like this weekend lived up to your expectations! Are we ever going to get a peek at any of those scrapbook pages?? My favorite part is the singing aloud with your bestie--nothing beats that!

  3. If I do the adds up to a great and much-needed weekend!