Monday, March 5, 2012

In a Funk

I've been in a funk all day.  I have really tried to get over it, but it has had its way of creeping back into my mind and body.  There have been pockets of okayness today, but overall it just wasn't the greatest of days. 

Then, I came home.  My husband works third shift and we do not get to spend that much time together (one of the reasons why I may be in a funk).  I gave him a rare call this morning just to let him know that I miss him and that I woke up in a bad mood.  So, he had a heads up that I would be cranky.  Anyways, I came home and dinner was made, his lips were ready for mine, and he was prepared to let me moan and groan about the rough day I had.  I am fully aware that my day was not awful, but for some reason it just felt that way.

Even though I still feel cranky and have a dark cloud over my  head, it is so comforting and wonderful to know that I have a husband here who loves me and cares for me no matter what mood I may be in.   


  1. I think my favorite words were pockets of okayness!

    So sweet of your hubby! Praying tomorrow will be brighter.

  2. How lucky! I'm sorry you had a bad funk day...I hope you get your groove back soon!